We are currently in the process of registering our alumni with the CAC, this process will be completed by end of April 2019, and will enable us open an official account (Current account) where dues will be paid. Pending the time we’ll get the registration certificate from the CAC, we would advise and implore our members to continue using the Wema bank account we have been using for the past few years.

We are at the end of the first quarter and we wouldn’t want the dues to choke any of our members, you can break the payments in bits to suit your pocket.

Kindly note that proper account reconciliation would be done once we are sorted.

As such, after long consultations and deliberations, the Excos of this great alumni with the advice from the advisory committee, has decided to announce to you the new dues.

Annual alumni dues is set at N12,000 per annum (to be fully paid on or before October ending).

Reunion fees is set at N10,000 for the annual reunion.

The alumni due is meant to take care of the following:

  1. Welfare of financial members (celebrating wedding & child birth), just to give a little support.
  2. Give back to school projects will also be from the alumni due wallet.
  3. Organising some other events outside the annual reunion (career talk for the students of ACMC, business summit for alumni members, etc).

The upward review of the reunion fees to N10,000, was as a result of past dependency on extra financial support from some members to make each reunion happen, and that practice we would like to reduce.

Akinwunmi Okuyiga

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